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Author: Dental Geek
05.07.10 / 9:46 am

OK, so I am really buckling down and trying to change my bad habits. So, I brush twice a day, every day, that is a good thing. I rinse with an alcohol-based rinse once a day, Good? Not good? I floss with a flossing device about three times a week.

I am a comparative type of guy. Maybe if I just put the time into a realistic analogy, I can conquer my apathy for a great daily oral health regimen.

That being said, here are my wake-up calls:

It takes about a minute to floss.

  • I sit at traffic lights for more than a minute.
  • I wait in the drive-thru line at Dunkin’ Donuts® for more than a minute.
  • I send meaningless text messages throughout the day totaling more than 5 minutes, every day.
  • I check the stock market daily, way more than a minute!
  • I can cut down my showers by at least a minute.
  • I can spend one less minute a day picking out the exact tie that I am going to wear.
  • I can put my Kindle away a minute sooner.
  • I can go to bed one minute later every night.

Wow, that was pretty cathartic! When it comes down to it, if I am going to brush, floss and rinse every day, I have to make the choice to do it. If it is to be, it is up to me.

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

4 responses to “Time, time, time”

  1. Haha, nice comment MC… But on the contrary, i find that to floss correctly, it surely takes more than one minute…Then again, I’m that person who meticulously rips off one little piece of floss for each tooth…

  2. I’ve noticed that I am in much less of a hurry than I used to be. Taking the time to do things correctly is important to me. A few extra minutes spent on my oral health everyday is well worth it for my overall physical health and stamina.

  3. Well said that proper maintenance of oral health is of utmost importance.One should brush twice in a day. Flossing should be done every single day before going to bed at night. Flossing is an essential component of home oral hygiene routine. If you do not floss you will be at a high risk of cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease and bad breath.Flossing helps in stimulating blood circulation in the gums, keeping them strong and healthy. So, if people really want to maintain good oral health then routine brushing and flossing should be done.
    Thanks for the blog!

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