Paste I Won’t Waste..

Author: Dental Geek
06.03.10 / 9:51 am

Hey, I am just a dental geek, but I have found a new toothpaste that I am in love with. For the record, the manufacturer is NOT a client; just giving a Geeky review of a great product.

The toothpaste in question is Colgate® ProClinical. What I love so much about this paste is that after I brush, it feels like I just came from a visit with my hygienist. It really feels like I just got a prophy.

The packaging for the product is incredibly simple. It didn’t jump off the shelf at retail; I had read about it and had to seek it out. Well, don’t judge a book by its cover; this paste rocks my mouth! I truly love the sensation of a great brushing, running my tongue over my teeth and letting out a sigh of satisfaction.

Not that it was a great leap but I have abandoned Colgate® Total® for its new sister brand.

What’s your favorite paste and why?

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

4 responses to “Paste I Won’t Waste..”

  1. Crest 3D Vivid White…..

    I was raised on Crest and will never switch.

    Colgate Pro Clinical is an interesting product. It’s packaging skews very heavily to the cosmetic. I wonder what the price point is? I bet it is at the highest end of pates.

  2. I’m with Monte on this one. Raised on Crest paste. Have tried many other brands and gels but always seem to go back.

  3. Also with Monte and Hal on this one. I was raised on Crest tarter control…But much like “The Dental Geek”, I recently did the small switched to Crest Pro-Health…What a difference! For the longest time I wondered why my dentist kept telling me that I was brushing too hard and I was stripping the enamel right off my teeth. I also started to develop sensitive areas. My hygienist recently informed me as to how abrasive tarter control pastes really are and suggested switching. Since I’ve started using Crest Pro-Health, it seems as though my teeth aren’t as “grey and transluscent” and i feel as though i have a protective shield on my teeth against acid erosion…

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