Too Many Publications?

Author: Dental Geek
06.18.10 / 8:46 am

If you are in the industry, you probably get a boatload of dental publications like I do on a monthly basis. I make a concerted effort to read each publication and stay abreast of current trends, clinicals and product offerings.

Well, I am panicked; more and more dental publications, some I have never heard of before, are landing on my desk: specialty journals, newspaper-style magazines and glossy journals. It has to stop!

Here is my prediction: Within five years, we are going to see fewer and fewer dental publications. Some of my old staples have already fallen by the wayside, and newer journals have taken their place. I am also using the internet as a first line for product and clinical research.

Several clients and fellow geeks always ask me, “Mike, what are your favorite publications? Well here goes, my honest answers. Does this mean that these are the ONLY publications I think are worthy? NO! But these are the ones that I use to get my information; reliable and fast.

MUST-READS (every month):

  • Dental Economics
  • Inside Dentistry
  • Dental Product Shopper
  • ADHA Access
  • RDH

LIKE-TO-READS (every month):

  • Dentistry Today
  • Compendium
  • JADA
  • Dentaltown
  • Dimensions of Dental Hygiene
  • Proofs


  • ADA News
  • Dental Products Report
  • Dental Tribune


  • (of course!)

I will provide no commentary, just the facts listed above. That’s what I read and I am sticking to it!

Would love to hear how you all feel about dental media and our exposure to it.

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

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