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07.01.10 / 11:24 am

The most common email I have received since starting is the following: Mike, with all of the dental publications and information out there, what do you routinely read to stay abreast of industry news and topics?

The altruistic answer is, EVERYTHING! This is a fact. Throughout the month, I try to read or scan every dental publication that comes across my desk or monitor.

The realistic answer is that I have a core go-to list of publications and websites that I routinely consult on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. So, here is where this Dental Geek gets his information.

Print Publications:

  1. Dental Economics. Dentists are passionate about dentistry, but historically, they are not the best businesspeople. DE is a practice management MUST and it alerts me to trends in the industry. It identifies current as well as future problems that a dental practice might experience. This allows me to develop timely strategies for my clients. DE is an easy read; I don’t feel like I need an accountant to do any translating for me. I also look to Dr. Joe Blaes, “Pearls for Your Practice.” If he mentions and touts a dental product, it is a must that I understand the features and benefits of that product and put it on my radar screen.
  2. Inside Dentistry. One of the newest dental publications, but also one of the most interesting reads. When people ask me to describe Inside Dentistry, I tell them that it is very similar to Newsweek or Time. Some of the topics are controversial. Much of the clinical editorial is of the moment. I love this publication because it tends to challenge the status quo. Its editorial board is unrivaled, and it tends to attract progressive companies with innovative advertising ideas.
  3. Dental Product Shopper. Think of this as a quick reference guide for all dental products. The format is so easy to read/understand. I also like their unique approach to dental product reviews. Their team of everyday dentists testing products or services is novel. Not everyone has seven operatories and multiple staff members; actually, it is just the opposite. Dental Product Shopper is an invaluable tool for the GP dentist and me as well.
  4. ADHA Access. Since dental hygiene is one of my passions, I look to the Association publication for my information first. The ADHA is a fast-moving professional association, and I would put money on the RDH’s role dramatically increasing within the next five years. Access lets me stay on top of political information in the profession, manufacturer involvement and some great human interest stories. I immediately follow this read by checking out RDH Magazine as well as Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, both stellar publications.


I keep this simple. There are a million dental resources online, and the information they carry can vary immensely. So here are my daily go-tos:

  1. Great editorial, great product reviews, great archives of information, great educational and instructional videos, great everything. Their editor, Gail Weisman, is also one of the industry greats. There is no pretense to this site, and it is incredibly easy to navigate. It makes doing my research and analysis FUN!
  2. Where else can a person tap into the thoughts of 60,000 dentists? Dentaltown is the largest fraternity of dental professionals out there, and its members are vocal. If Dentaltown were around during my MBA studies, I would have done a case study on it. Many people are under the misconception that Dentaltown is a group of dentists who all think, act and practice alike…dental drones. This could NOT be farther from the truth. Dentaltown allows me to get up-to-the moment input on dental products, disease states and economic factors affecting our industry. I am a Townie as well, although I rarely post to the message boards. I like being a lurker and soaking in all the current information.

So there you have it: This is my monthly routine. There are several other notable dental publications and websites that I do read/visit, and they are wonderful in their own right.

For the record, I have NO personal ties to any of the publications mentioned here. I work with everyone. The views and opinions presented here are my own.

Bottom line: There are close to a hundred dental print publications, and I try to empathize with the dentist, but as we all know in this industry Knowledge is Power!

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

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