Oldies but Goodies and Everything Old is New Again

Author: Dental Geek
08.24.10 / 4:22 pm

OK, Dental Geeks, the video below will separate the die-hard Dental Geeks from the wannabes.

My buddy Logan, who is an artist in Paris, sent this to me because he knows I am in the dental industry. He tells me this video/song is all the rage in Paris clubs right now. Why wouldn’t it be?!? It is awesome.

Who can say that they don’t love the Muppets? Personally, I am very fond of the Muppet girl who has a long ponytail and swings her hair emphatically while she sings about her joy of brushing: her teeth, not her hair.

Ironic point of interest: This video probably never made it big in the US because NONE of the Muppets have teeth.


Dental Geek

Dental Geek

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