Diamonds are a Tooth’s Best Friend?

Author: Dental Geek
02.11.11 / 10:38 am

Seems that a trend from a couple of years ago is back in action: TOOTH JEWELRY. The video below shows a patient receiving a tooth jewel.

Hey, to each his/her own with respect to how you spend your money. I actually know several people who have tooth jewelry and love it. The reason I include this video in is because of the observations I made while watching it.

  1. A nice white girl in a nice white practice with a nice white reporter – all very white, even the teeth and the jewelry.
  2. Listen to how the reporter and dentist incorporate “hip-hop” language during the interview.
  3. The reporter is using this segment for her “health edge reporting” Really? While at that dentist’s office, she couldn’t ask about periodontal disease or gingivitis?
  4. For any former braces wearers, why would you ever want to put something back on your teeth that would: attract food, need special care, have the ability to cut/scrape your lip? Not for me!

Just sayin’.

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

2 responses to “Diamonds are a Tooth’s Best Friend?”

  1. I would feel like I always had food in my teeth! It might look that way too, if the light wasn’t shining on it just right. That’s interesting though, I’d never heard of a little jewel being placed directly on the surface.

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