Dental Specialties Behaving Badly

Author: Dental Geek
03.07.11 / 3:17 pm

There has always been a level of disdain between dental specialists regarding crossover work. Some oral surgeons are mad at periodontists for taking away implant surgeries over twenty years ago. Some periodontists are mad at GP dentists for now doing implant placements. Some dentists are mad at hygienists for expanded-function duties, and some hygienists are mad at assistants for having the ability to perform coronal polishing, the list goes on and on.

The video posted on YouTube below is meant to portray an oral surgeon having a discussion with a periodontist about a patient.

WARNING: it is pretty scathing. I think this video clearly shows the separatist ideologies at work among dental specialties today. My only input is: In an economic time when fewer and fewer people are seeking out oral health care, why are providers playing “turf wars?” IMHO, this conflict hinders the perception of dental professionals as truly valued health care providers.

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

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