Nail Polish on Female Dentists

Author: Dental Geek
03.18.11 / 9:41 am

Recently, I encountered a great new beauty product: nail polish strips that stay on for up to 10 days with no chipping. If you’re a female reading this, you know that is incredible. This product got me thinking, however, about the appropriateness of nail color on a natural nail as a dental professional. I decided to conduct a small survey to gauge general opinion on the matter.

When I polled my friends and younger classmates, they overwhelmingly responded that as long as the practitioner was wearing gloves, nail polish was fine with them. I even had a few go as far as to say that a well-manicured woman looks like she has got her stuff together. There were, however, a few who responded that they wanted nice clean nails on someone who would be putting their hands in their mouths.

I then turned to some of my favorite faculty, including some really “old school” male doctors.  They thought nail color was something to be frowned upon, and insisted that patients like clean nails. As a student and young professional, as well as someone who fancies herself stylish, my curiosity won out and I applied the strips. From now on, however, I’ll think twice before applying the next great shade. What do you think about nail polish on female dentists?


Dental Geek

Dental Geek

5 responses to “Nail Polish on Female Dentists”

  1. As a hygienist, I would love to see nicely done nails on women at work! I believe the “clean, natural” look is past. I am all for it!

  2. Hi! I’m a 3rd year dentistry student. And i love nail polishes! Since I’ll be taking care of patients this year, I’ll have to put on gloves very often and I know that this will ruin my manicure. Anyway, I will try it with a nice top coat.

    By the way i like this blog. I also have one but its in Turkish im afraid. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. I’m a dentist, and I prefer well taken care of nails even if they’re in some bright colors. We all work with gloves, so it technically shouldn’t be a problem. Though I don’t know how nail polish and gloves react with each other; but if they did, I think we’d feel it.
    One of the things I dislike about medics in general (be it dentists or general practitioners) is the unwritten clothing/beauty style ethics that we have, and are required to follow. But either way, I keep my nails to a simple french manicure while at work, which is always elegant, and wouldn’t attract unwanted attention. Less headache that way 🙂

  4. Chip nail polish can harbor bacteria, that’s what some researchers say. It’s a drag but we have to put health before fashion ladies. Do your research thoroughly before you take an action. We are science based professionals, so let’s do the science

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