The Dental Industry’s Hook

Author: Dental Geek
07.27.11 / 8:38 am

Last week, Lanmark360’s Communication Manager wrote about her first year in the dental industry. There’s a general observation that once you’re in dental, you’re hooked. It turns out many can relate, and the response to this post was overwhelming.

This whole theory of being a lifer in dental is further exemplified by Michael Dunn in his blog post, Five Favorite Ps of my Profession. Dunn, who now works as the VP of Marketing at OralDNA Labs, writes about the many reasons he always comes back to dental. From travel to exciting products and great people, he can’t stay away, even though he’s tried!

“The dental industry is a small one. I’ve heard more than once that more money is spent each year on pet food than on dental products & services, “ some estimates to the tune of 2X. Anyway, we seem to get here in different ways, often through family connections or by accident. I’ve been a dental marketing professional for almost a decade now. I tried to leave once, and it didn’t stick. It seems once you’re in for just a few years, you don’t leave. But unlike the Hotel California, there are good reasons for that. -Michael Dunn

To continue reading Dunn’ blog post, with his top 5 reasons for sticking with dental, click here. We were lucky to have Michael Dunn visit Lanmark360’s office in West Long Branch, NJ, a few times, and we’re honored to be working with him. Here’s a photo from his first visit to our new building, being introduced by Lanmark360’s President, Howards Klein.


Dental Geek

Dental Geek

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