Hurricane Irene- Photos from Lanmark360

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08.30.11 / 4:38 pm

As everyone knows New Jersey was hit hard by hurricane Irene last weekend. Thankfully, all of our families here at Lanmark360 are safe and survived the storm with minimal damage. Streets and basements have flooded, but we were thrilled the storm ended up being less severe than predicted.

During the storm, we unfortunately lost e-mail service for a few hours, but as soon as service was restored e-mails starting flooding our inboxes (no pun intended) with photos our team took of the damage surrounding their homes.

We wanted to share with our readers some of the unbelievable images we’ve collected over the past few days.

Two days before the storm, the supermarket shelves were bare.

Asbury Park, NJ- Storefronts wish away the storm.

Before and After, 2nd Avenue- Piscataway, NJ

Before and After, Possumtown Park- Piscataway, NJ

Before and After, Possumtown Road- Piscataway, NJ

The night of the storm- Middletown, NJ

Our beloved Tiki Bar at Donovan’s Reef destroyed in the storm- Sea Bright, NJ. Donovan’s was the location of our company picnic this summer.

North Arlington, NJ road, under water.

Marine Park, flooded- Red Bank, NJ. One brave boat owner decided to ride out the storm.

The rising water washed away the beach in Monmouth Beach, NJ.

The boards taken down by the waves- Monmouth Beach, NJ

Again, we are very lucky to have experienced only minimal damage from Hurricane Irene. We are thankful to be back in the office, running smoothly with little break in our services. Thank you to our dear friends and clients who continually checked in with us to make sure we were okay.


Dental Geek

Dental Geek

2 responses to “Hurricane Irene- Photos from Lanmark360”

  1. That storm was scary. I work at a Middletown New Jersey emergency dentist and discussed it with some locals, one of which lost his boat in the storm.

  2. A good friend of mine that works for NJNG has recently told me that demand for gas fired generators in the wake of the storm jumped 600%, and only now are they getting through the backlog of orders.

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