The Fluoride Debate

Author: Dental Geek
09.22.11 / 3:39 pm

To dental geeks, the subject is hot. A recent article on Yahoo Health, 12 Scary Products: Which to Eliminate, Cut Back On or Quit Worrying About states “the debate over water fluoridation shouldn’t have you questioning your Crest.” It also reminds readers that “both environmentalists and dentists agree that fluoride toothpaste is safe and necessary for everyone older than 2.”


What do you think? Does the water fluoridation debate have you thinking twice about your go-to toothpastes?


Dental Geek

Dental Geek

One response to “The Fluoride Debate”

  1. I’ll take my fluoride any way I can get it. I’m a firm believer in having fluoride in the water supply for the general population as well as a toothpaste additive. Most people probably take it for granted but the drinking water may be the only way some less fortunate families with children would get any fluoride. Not all states have approved having it in the drinking water so there are kids out there not getting any fluoride at all.

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