Horror Movie Director, Eli Roth, Gives Away Teeth via Twitter

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You have to have a pretty sick and twisted mind to direct the movie Hostel, one of the goriest horror flicks out there. So when director Eli Roth got his wisdom teeth removed he wasn’t going to just dispose of them like any normal human being might.

Roth tweeted out Thursday, “Wisdom teeth: gone. Who wants ’em” followed by another tweet that read, “Either of these would make a lovely necklace or pair of earrings. You could proudly display my wisdom. Teeth.”

The rules of the giveaway were posted on Roth’s blog, entitled My Bloody Blog, quite fitting. The giveaway was pretty simple, whoever came up with the most creative and fun way to display the teeth would get them. The post generated over 300 comments in one day.

A different, fun contest to say the least, Roth was impressed. “These ideas are so creative they’re making me want to pull out more teeth,” he tweeted.

You can find the contest results on Roth’s blog, and follow his tweets here.

As dental professionals, what do you think of using pulled teeth for art, jewelry and design? Would you treasure celebrities’ teeth and go to great lengths to win them?

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

2 responses to “Horror Movie Director, Eli Roth, Gives Away Teeth via Twitter”

  1. Tooth jewelry? The more gold the better. Sounds mighty tribal to me. Local medicine man looking for human teeth for rituals…

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