Whiter smile, there’s an app for that.

Author: Dental Geek
12.22.11 / 11:52 am

With a click of button, you can have the perfect smile you never had.  Technology has done it again. Cheaper and faster than ever, iPhone®, iPad® and iTouch® users now have the capability of what would cost hundreds of dollars to whiten teeth for a low-cost of just $4.99.

Although not a true makeover, the Apple® website describes the up-to-the-minute application “Whitening Simulator”, as the world’s first automated teeth whitening app.  It incorporates an advanced face and smile detection engine to show users how white your teeth can be.  The application allows users to enhance personal photos by instantly whitening your teeth and then shows a before and after photo illustrating the results!

The application is being used for more than just iPhone®, iPad® and iTouch® users’ pleasure.  Some dentists are even taking the application to a new level and bringing the”Whitening Simulator” into their offices to help patients decide if they would want to invest in a brighter smile.

In a recent article written on the Mobile Applications Blog, Dr. Chasen, DDS explains, “I am impressed with how realistic the results from “Whitening Simulator” are.  In just a few seconds, I can take a picture of a patient and show them what they would look like with whiter teeth. It is fun and helps me motivate my patients to take better care of their teeth.”

What are your thoughts about bringing this application into the dental practice?  Do you think this crafty application will drive more patients to invest in that whiter smile?

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

8 responses to “Whiter smile, there’s an app for that.”

  1. Me agrees! We especially love the tradeshow apps. They make it really easy to locate exhibitors & product specials. Onto the iPhone yet, or still holding true with the trusty Blackberry?

  2. This is a really cool idea. As someone who is learning app development for the apple products, this is one that definitely brings me some inspiration.

  3. This is an interesting app but I probably wouldn’t pay $5 to download it. Besides I barely get to use my iPhone anymore ever since I showed my 8 year old that it plays games (my mistake).

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