The Dental Geek Interviews Beth Sciarratta, founder of Serdentity

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03.07.12 / 3:09 pm

Beth Sciarratta, RDH, founder of Serdentity, has over 20 years of professional experience as a dental hygienist. As a hygienist, she has experienced a number of frustrating patients who dread going to the dentist and make certain visits difficult to get through. Sciarratta has become dedicated to helping dental professionals work with patients to overcome any negative perceptions of going to the dentist through Serdentity seminars. The Dental Geek was able to speak with Beth to get more details.

Dental Geek: What is Serdentity, and why was it developed?

Beth: Serdentity is a seminar I developed to help my fellow professionals understand and better treat the anxious patient. These encounters can be so stressful for both patient and practitioner. I have developed an approach that works for me and the patient, and I want to share it.

Dental Geek: Where are the seminars held, and how long do they typically last?

Beth: My seminar has been given as part of CE programs at the University at Buffalo, Monroe Community College, and through the Dental Hygienists’ Association of the State of New York.
It is typically a three-hour course. I am working on a book that attendees can reference after taking the course.

Dental Geek: Can you summarize what attendees will learn during the seminar?

Beth: I try to make it like a support group where participants can ask questions and talk about experiences they have had. They will learn about the stress response in the brain, how dental anxiety is formed by experience, and how they can bring down a patient’s anxiety level through their approach. 

Dental Geek: Is there a fee associated with attending?

Beth: Fees are determined by the institution that hires me.

Dental Geek: How can dental professionals learn more about the seminar and possibly register?

Beth: Contact me! My email is They can also go to

Dental Geek: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Beth: I really appreciate your letting me have this opportunity. I have learned that the only person I can truly change is myself, but that makes all the difference.

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

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  1. Thanks, Colorado Dental Implants! Beth was a great interviewee, and we’re glad you enjoy reading the blog!

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