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04.19.12 / 10:48 am

I think it’s safe to say that Apple® products such as the iPod touch®, iPad® and iPhone® are arguably the most popular tech-savvy gadgets around today. With tons of great features and a sleek touch-screen look, these devices satisfy a great number of people. Recently, the use of applications that are a feature of the Apple products have skyrocketed.

According to APSense™, a global business social networking site, subscribers believe that “one of the most important reasons for the popularity of iPhone apps is that their use can be applied across various domains. Businesses are able to make use of iPhone application development to build customized apps that cater to specific business needs and requirements.” The applications do a great job of serving different interests, hobbies and industries.

One of the areas seeing the creation of an increasing number of applications is the dental industry. As I researched applications that applied to dentistry, I was surprised to see the abundance of different apps and the different platforms available for them. These apps ranged from dental games to dental facts; from business information for the average patient to services that provide dental practices with everyday administrative assistance.

Below, I have provided a list of a few of the popular iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps that dental geeks are using; some of the apps are also available for the Android™:

  1. Dental Expert & Pediatric Dental Expert – A patient’s guide to understanding all aspects of dentistry and its procedures. These apps include features such as Myth vs. Fact, Fun Facts, “Ask the Expert,” and before-and-after pictures.
  2. Brush-n-Boogie – This groovy app is for anyone who brushes their teeth daily (I hope that’s you!). Brush-n-Boogie is a very creative app that times individuals while they brush their teeth. Funky music is played in the background to give the brusher a beat.  Other features include dental appointment reminders and directions on which parts of the mouth are important to brush.
  3. C+M Dental app from Cendres+Métaux SA – A dentist’s and dental technician’s best friend, and also available for the Android. This informative app provides dental practices with different resources for all specialties in dentistry. Dentists can experience the simulation feature, which allows them to practice and conduct a virtual hands-on mounting procedure for C+M’s implant product, the SFI-Bar®.
  4. Dental Assistant – Your own personal robot, this intelligent app provides dental professionals with patient information right at their fingertips. Practitioners can keep records for all their patients, as well as their data, with easy-to-use, touch-screen accessibility.
  5. Monster Mouth DDS – For the young dental geek, this game will get kids wanting to maintain a healthy mouth. Children are able to take the dentist’s role and keep the cartoon monsters’ mouths clean. The app allows dental tasks such as brushing, flossing and capping teeth. The user must follow the directions to beat the game. Monster Mouth DDS is also available for Android users.

Remember, these are just a few of the applications available for dentists and patients!

Which dental applications are your favorites?


Dental Geek

Dental Geek

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