Dental SEO Tips: Going Beyond Word of Mouth!

Author: Eric Slone
Eric Slone

Eric Slone

Eric Slone is the E-Marketing Manager for DEFEND by Mydent International. With over 5,000 fans, Mydent’s Facebook page includes helpful information about dental supplies, various pictures, videos and news updates for the dental community. Connect with Eric on LinkedIn.
04.09.13 / 12:23 pm

Wishfully speaking, SEO to your office could mean “Send Everyone Over!” In the Internet realm, however, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” If you’ve never engaged in SEO, don’t worry, this blog post will provide you with an arsenal of tips to improve your website visibility. Get ready…because we are about to go beyond the word of mouth business model!

First things first: Make sure that you have a reliable relationship with your webmaster.  If you do your website yourself, well, then reliability is up to you!

Dental SEO Tip #1:

Keep an organized website with easy-to-use navigation and unique, relevant content. Be sure to update your site periodically to keep things sparkling fresh.

Dental SEO Tip #2:

Do keyword research. Start with Google’s free keyword tool: This tool will provide you with insights on search volume, competition level, various match types and more.

Dental SEO Tip #3:

Write your website content naturally, without overstuffing keywords! You can focus on 1-3 keyword phrases per page, for example.

Dental SEO Tip #4:

Choose relevant keyword phrases. For instance, if you’re a pediatric dentist in Houston, Texas, consider using keyword phrases such as “Pediatric Dentist Houston” or “Pediatric Dentistry Houston.”

Dental SEO Tip #5:

Use keywords on the title tags of your website. Work on having variety in these title tags across your website. The title tags show the text on top of your web browser.

Dental SEO Tip #6:

Keep the same domain name. Domain age and website reputability can help with search engine optimization.

Dental SEO Tip #7:

List your dental practice website on Google maps/places, Yelp, Yahoo Local, Manta and similar directories. For local or map searches, your practice can show up on page 1 of Google after some time. Encourage patients to leave positive reviews and fill out your business information in detail!

Dental SEO Tip #8:

Include a link from your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages to your website. These links, along with links generated from Tip #7, are what we call “backlinks.” More on backlinks in the following tip.

Dental SEO Tip #9:

Develop more backlinks from relevant sites with a high page rank (PR). You can check page rank using this free online tool:

Note that page rank isn’t necessarily what page a site ranks on. Instead, page rank is viewed as the “authority” of a website. The higher the page rank, the better. A link from would be golden.

Dental SEO Tip #10:

Create a sitemap for your website. A sitemap provides a detailed listing of pages. Here is a popular online tool to create a sitemap: If this is too technical for you, consider asking your webmaster for assistance.

I hope these SEO tips have been helpful for you. Remember to focus on quality, relevancy and natural, effective link building techniques and website updates. Also, be patient and rational when it comes to ranking highly on Google. Hey, it would be quite hard to rank for the keyword “Dental” on page 1 of a general Google search, right? Alternatively, focus on less competitive keyword phrases, and most important, target the phrases that potential patients would input into Google search to find you.

Good luck!

Eric Slone

Eric Slone

Eric Slone is the E-Marketing Manager for DEFEND by Mydent International. With over 5,000 fans, Mydent’s Facebook page includes helpful information about dental supplies, various pictures, videos and news updates for the dental community. Connect with Eric on LinkedIn.

16 responses to “Dental SEO Tips: Going Beyond Word of Mouth!”

  1. Great info. I am a dentist with my own existing website created by Einstein Medical. I have spent a fair amount of cash for the website, but only have minimal SEO done by them. I am trying to do my own SEO because I am not sold on having Einsetin do it.

    Everyone says have a great back link from the ADA, Henry Schein, ect. but this is not going to happen these large organizations are not going to create pages for individual dentists to put their link on. They don’t have a blog page or anything else to leave a back link?

    Any suggestions of a more realistic backlink dental website? What have you used for success?

    What about adding links into the comments section of someones blog? Is this appropriate or stepping on someones toes?

    Let me know im interested.

  2. This is marvelous! I have been researching tools that may help to promote my dental website and reading this article about SEO tips for your dental practice website have gave me great tips on organizing your website, keyword researching, creating quality and relevant content and many others! I am so excited to use all these ideas and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    Also you may find this link relevant too:

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  4. Excellent incredible blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make running a blog look easy. The overall glance of your website is magnificent, let alone the content!

  5. Nice topic. Good dental marketing starts with good word of mouth. It will help you utilize tools beyond just word of mouth to advertise and develop visibility to new, prospective patients.

  6. Thanks for the dental seo tips. I think if you can write unique content for example content about dental implants to be more specific, then target the geo specific area, such as Fort Worth Texas, then this may help with some local search results as well. Thanks again for the insights, truly appreciate your article.

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