5 Exciting New Dental Products from The Chicago Midwinter Meeting

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02.26.14 / 3:40 pm

As a soon to be DMD, the number of dental products out there is overwhelming. We have maybe one to two brands of each material type in dental school and beyond those, things grow fuzzy. I can’t really tell you what my favorite impression material is or my favorite brand of composite, but I can tell you what new materials spark the interest of a recent dental grad. In that spirit, if you weren’t able to attend the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, then here are a few great products I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Chicago Midwinter 2014

1. MASTERtorque M8900L by KaVo : I love more torque, and I love a quiet handpiece. Did you know that there is a cause and effect relationship between hearing loss in dentists and the use of a high speed handpiece? Fortunately I am just beginning my dental career and haven’t accumulated too much ear damage yet. Be proactive. If you can’t afford a quiet handpiece like this one by KaVo, which generates 57 decibels of sound, then wear ear plugs until you can. 370,000 rpm is another key feature of this handpiece. More torque is essential for powering through crown preps and cutting down on prep time. If you are unable to use electric handpieces in your office, then the MASTERtorque M8900L is a great alternative. The University of Florida, College of Dentistry switched to all electric handpieces during 2013.

2. ACTIVA by Pulpdent : The ideal replacement when tooth structure is destroyed, is more natural tooth structure. Pulpdent is trying to make this possible. ACTIVA is a base/liner that is dynamic and biomimetic. It is able to release and exchange phosphate, calcium, and fluoride ions with the natural adjacent tooth structure. It has a bioactive resin matrix and bioactive filler material both responsible for these properties. I am excited about this product because it shows you how far we have come with dental materials. They also have a composite version of this product. The ACTIVA composite releases more fluoride than traditional glass ionomer, and is stronger than regular composites. It is also shock absorbing, helping to mimic not only the chemical properties of teeth, but also the physical. I really appreciate the research and time that has gone into these products and their elegant design.

3. DEXshield by DEXIS : Anything to help reduce radiation exposure is a good idea. This product helps position the x-ray sensor and another portion acts as a shield blocking out-of-field exposure. DEXIS recommends that you use this in conjunction with their DEXIS Platnium Sensor to provide 30% less radiation. I would also like to take this opportunity to note that it is the standard of care to use a rectangular collimator when taking radiographs.

4. ACT Braces Care: This is a great use of marketing to benefit someone’s oral health. This is an anticavity fluoride mouth wash. If I was a teenager in braces, then I would definitely want to swish with this. Kudos to ACT for targeting this demographic and being so creative.

5. Oral-B SmartSeries Power Brush with BlueTooth 4.0 : This product will be available in Germany and the UK during summer 2014, and the US in late 2014. Oral-B spokesperson on site at the Midwinter Meeting stated that the App will be available for download in January 2015. This App/Bluetooth/SmartSeries combo promises to bring patient compliance to another level. Track brushing stats, time yourself, change brushing modes, and learn about oral hygiene all from your smart phone. This will be on the wish list of any techie who loves their teeth. Or this might be a great gift for a techie who needs a little dental inspiration.

If you attended the 2014 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting and found a cool or useful dental product, then share with The Dental Geek and comment below!

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

5 responses to “5 Exciting New Dental Products from The Chicago Midwinter Meeting”

  1. These products sound very interesting! Though i missed the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting but i am thankful that I came across your article. I am interested in ACTIVA by pulpdent. What say??

  2. I also missed Chicago Midwinter Meeting, very regretful. Your conclusion is useful to me. I like these new dental products. i will search for them. Thanks, Carolyn Norton!

  3. Hi! I am looking for a new dental floss since I am not comfortable anymore with my previous one. I would like to know what is the best? I have sensitive gums and it bleed so easy.

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