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Dental Geek

CMW 2016 Highlight: CEREC® Zirconia and CEREC® SpeedFire

The 2016 Chicago Midwinter Meeting brought many innovations to the dental industry, but a few moments truly stood out to us at The Dental Geek. With the announcement of CEREC Zirconia and CEREC SpeedFire Dentsply Sirona has created a way for dentists to deliver full-contour crowns and small bridges made of the full-strength zirconium oxide…

CMW 2016 Highlight: Kerr’s Chroma Color Challenge

From the OHA Gala to LAB DAY, this year’s Midwinter Meeting was an exciting and educational occasion for all of dentistry. While there was a variety of engaging booths and brand events, a few moments stood out from the rest to The Dental Geek team onsite. Today, we’d like to highlight Kerr Dental’s Chroma Color…

Three Financial Mistakes that Hold Dentists Back

With the average dental school graduate accumulating more than $241,000 in student loans, there is little wiggle room for mistakes when it comes to taking good care of finances. To achieve your financial goals, you need to efficiently pay off your student loan debt and make the most of the income that is coming in….

The History of Braces

Did you know that the history of braces back goes back almost four centuries? Created by Aura Orthodontics, a team dedicated to providing top of the line orthodontic care, this infographic follows braces from Ancient Egypt to present day, showing how braces have evolved over time and how far the technology has come. These interesting…