Dental Geek

Dental Geek

RDH = Lifesaver

One of the reasons that I am a proud Dental Geek lies in the fact that an RDH has saved my life twice! Ann Battrell, the Executive Director of the ADHA, is a dear friend of mine. We were having a quick lunch in San Antonio along the River Walk and catching up with each…

Brush, Floss and Rinse; it’s Only a Dream!

I am not only a Dental Geek, I am a Dental Hypocrite: Twice a day I brush; once a day I rinse; and twice a week I floss. Flossing is truly a cross to bear. There is nothing fun about it. Floss is not sexy; there is nothing stimulating about flossing. I dread the thread. As…

Welcome to The Dental Geek

Howdy! My name is Mike McCarthy and I am a Dental Geek. Yes, it’s true; I am passionate about most all things dental. Teeth, floss, CAD/CAM, marketing, hygiene, periodontal disease all of it! I wanted to create a blog/portal where I could write about topics within the dental arena and have people respond, if only…