Hugo Massey

Hugo Massey

As a professional provider of written content, Hugo Massey makes it a point not just to provide meaningful content but one that is useful as well. His career has been a fruitful one, with dozens of satisfied clients that could attest to his skill and creativity. He is currently one of Authority Specialists’ pioneering writers that specialize in the medical and healthcare industry. When not writing, Hugo can often be found on some quiet creek teaching his son how to fish.

Effective Marketing Tips for Dentists

Getting ahead in the competitive world of dentistry can entail a lot of things. For many however, being a step ahead of the competition is a lot easier with dental marketing. Dental marketing, in a nutshell, is about generating new patients, retaining the current ones, and building a trusted and competent reputation in the industry….

Essential Tips for New Dentists

The whole idea of finally putting into practice what you have learned in dental school can be very exciting. Without a doubt, you cannot wait to become one of those amazing ‘success stories’ – a new practitioner whose rise to financial prosperity and clinical excellence is nothing short of phenomenal. However, before you experience the…

Reduce the Risks of Back Pain through Dentistry Ergonomics

How do you promote and protect the physical well-being of your dental team? Dental hygienists commonly complain about neck pain. Dental surgeons persistently experience back pain. Most dental practitioners frequently report lower back problems. Is your dental team free from musculoskeletal health hazards? The high prevalence of musculoskeletal problems is backed by research studies administered…