Joe Maida

Joe Maida

Joe Maida is a copy supervisor who’s been working with clients in the dental industry for 22 years. When not writing about teeth and the products and services that help keep them healthy, he enjoys attending live music events, eating tacos, sampling Japanese whiskey, and adding to his tremendous collection of memes.

The Surprising Effects of Wine, Tea, and Milk on Teeth and Overall Oral Health

There’s one beverage dental and medical professionals can agree on as being the most beneficial for both oral health and overall health, and the answer is good ol’ H2O. Although most people would say it’s the most boring beverage, it’s also the most popular, with 12.8 billion gallons of bottled water sold in the US…

Words Dentists Love to Hear

Whether a dentist is reading a professional dental publication, browsing a product brochure, or viewing a PowerPoint presentation at a lunch-and-learn event, there are certain words that will always pique their interest, attract their attention, or, at the very least, resonate with them. So if you’re in the business of selling products and services to…