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Effective Marketing Tips for Dentists

Getting ahead in the competitive world of dentistry can entail a lot of things. For many however, being a step ahead of the competition is a lot easier with dental marketing. Dental marketing, in a nutshell, is about generating new patients, retaining the current ones, and building a trusted and competent reputation in the industry….

Dental Marketing: 5 Things that Annoy Me; 5 Things that Inspire Me

Recently, Dentaltown Editorial Director, Thomas Giacobbi, DDS FAGD, wrote an article, “10 Things That Annoy Me” sharing a list of items in his dental practice that he would gladly do without. It seems like this exercise of releasing inner annoyances makes people feel good because the article drummed up a slew of additional lists. If you…

One Year in the Tooth Biz

This July, I celebrated my one-year anniversary of working in the dental industry. I studied communications in college, and being the jock that I am, found myself working at a sports communications company right after graduation. After two years, and multiple lunches where my all-male coworkers rattled off sports trivia and statistics for an hour…