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Effective Marketing Tips for Dentists

Getting ahead in the competitive world of dentistry can entail a lot of things. For many however, being a step ahead of the competition is a lot easier with dental marketing. Dental marketing, in a nutshell, is about generating new patients, retaining the current ones, and building a trusted and competent reputation in the industry….

What’s in a Dental Ad?

When it comes to purchasing products for your dental practice, where do you start? With an overabundance of handpieces, hand instruments, burs, chairs and other dental equipment out there today, what’s in an advertisement that can actually influence you to buy one product over another? Dental product companies are all about making their products stand…

Dentist in a Box

Here’s a smile for you all. This is an old sketch from MADtv: To be honest, I’m surprised no manufacturer has taken this route for an infomercial yet. As an insomniac marketer, I am continually transfixed by the pitchpeople used in infomercials. I think these actors “extracted” the essence perfectly, tongue in cheek, of course….

Brush, Floss and Rinse; it’s Only a Dream!

I am not only a Dental Geek, I am a Dental Hypocrite: Twice a day I brush; once a day I rinse; and twice a week I floss. Flossing is truly a cross to bear. There is nothing fun about it. Floss is not sexy; there is nothing stimulating about flossing. I dread the thread. As…