Periodontist Group Develops Diabetes Educational Material

Author: Dental Geek
12.03.12 / 4:31 pm

In honor of November, American Diabetes Month, the New Jersey Society of Periodontists developed this great brochure that can help your patients understand the diabetes/periodontal disease connection. If you have a blog or use social media for your dental practice, we recommend sharing these images so your patients can learn more about how their oral health and diabetes may be affected by each other, and how to better manage both.

For a PDF of these images, please email your request to

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

2 responses to “Periodontist Group Develops Diabetes Educational Material”

  1. This brochure is wonderful. It’s amazing how many people are living with diabetes today. The condition really does affect almost every aspect of your life, dental health included. Thank you for sharing.

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