CMW 2016 Highlight: CEREC® Zirconia and CEREC® SpeedFire

Author: Dental Geek
02.29.16 / 5:14 pm

The 2016 Chicago Midwinter Meeting brought many innovations to the dental industry, but a few moments truly stood out to us at The Dental Geek. With the announcement of CEREC Zirconia and CEREC SpeedFire Dentsply Sirona has created a way for dentists to deliver full-contour crowns and small bridges made of the full-strength zirconium oxide in their own practice while the patient waits.

CEREC Zirconia is a pre-shaded translucent zirconium oxide available in 10 shades on the basis of the VITA Classic Shade Guide®. The material is milled in an enlarged form and then densely sintered to its final size in the new sintering furnace, CEREC SpeedFire. The oversized milling facilitates a new level of milling accuracy leading to precisely fitting restorations. The sintering process takes just 10-15 minutes for crowns and 25 minutes for bridges. The subsequent glaze firing gives the restoration a high gloss finish.

Prior to this announcement, the steps necessary to process Zirconia were quite complicated which effectively limited its application to the laboratory environment. The introduction of CEREC Zirconia and the CEREC SpeedFire furnace will create a reliable and simple workflow for dentists enabling chairside production of zirconia.

This announcement isn’t just significant for dentists, it benefits patients as well. CEREC Doctors have consistently provided an enhanced patient experience, with 83% of patients in a recent survey indicating that they prefer single visit dentistry to traditional treatment, and CEREC Zirconia and CEREC SpeedFire’s market launch provide patients with high-quality zirconia restorations in a timely manner,

Watch the CEREC Zirconia Press Panel below.

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

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