CMW 2016 Highlight: Kerr’s Chroma Color Challenge

Author: Dental Geek
02.29.16 / 2:38 pm

From the OHA Gala to LAB DAY, this year’s Midwinter Meeting was an exciting and educational occasion for all of dentistry. While there was a variety of engaging booths and brand events, a few moments stood out from the rest to The Dental Geek team onsite. Today, we’d like to highlight Kerr Dental’s Chroma Color Challenge.

After launching Maxcem Elite Chroma, a Self-Etch / Self-Adhesive resin cement with a Color Cleanup Indicator, Kerr invited dental professionals to take a live challenge comparing the usability of Maxcem Elite Chroma to industry leading cement.

A little background on the product is necessary to understand the significance of the Chroma Color Challenge: Maxcem Elite Chroma begins with a pink color that fades at the gel state, indicating the optimal time to clean up excess cement. The pink color will disappear after both self-cure and tack cure, allowing for maximum flexibility. Understanding Maxcem’s effectiveness and increased ease of use, Kerr provided an opportunity for everyone in attendance to see the difference.

Dental professionals that took the challenge live at Kerr’s booth were quite impressed with Maxcem’s capabilities. Watch Dr. Jeff Rohde take the Chroma Color Challenge below.

Dental Geek

Dental Geek

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