Eric Shloyda

Eric is our resident digital design and photography expert. When he’s not working with The Dental Geek team, Eric can be found at the gym or rocking out to some heavy metal. Responsible for our website’s overall design and user experience since day one, and lending his photography skills to any special projects or events, Eric keeps The Dental Geek looking good.

Michele Lomas

With 16 years of experience managing digital projects, the newest Geek, Michele, is our star project manager. A mother of two and a healthcare decision maker for her family, Michele brings us a unique perspective with how consumers interact with dental marketing. Michele also executes site updates, develops new sections, and advises content direction… just a few of the ways Michele keeps the whole team organized.

Ed Yasser

Digital Geek + 25 years dental = Dental Geek. Ed’s knowledge of the market, audience, and delivery medium provide the background for contributing strategic direction to our favorite blog. For the day job, Ed currently monitors the ever-evolving digital world in search of opportunity on behalf of clients, then implements that and measures the success. Lucky for us, Ed will work for pizza.

Dylan McCarthy

Dylan is the lead editor and social media specialist at The Dental Geek, overseeing all content and social media campaigns. As the youngest Geek on the team with a background in journalism and social media, Dylan provides a fresh look on the field of dentistry. Be on the lookout for articles on Dylan’s favorite topics: new dental technologies, the oral-systemic link, and patient communication.